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All men are evil

obviously the meaning of life is different for everybody and not everyone has a set meaning for life. This is what i get out of it and this is my current standby for it until someone with higher insight can provide with me a better way. Either way it would fit my philosophy. Allow me to explain....

For me life is this:
for me I have found that I am a more logical thinker than someone guided by is my very burning question for life's meaning that has directed my into my path of philosophy.

People who live a life of faith have one accepted a story with years questionable credibility. Even if they "created" thier own religion then they are accepting a story with no credibility. People who live by faith are ones who need to believe that everything has purpose because if not then thier is a chance they dont have a purpose and if noone or just "you" didnt have a purpose then you wouldnt "be".Allow me to explain...

It is in human nature to want to survive. Everybody can agree with that and everyone knows that someday you will die. Even though it's in our nature to survive our advanced brains take it a step further...death.we ask ourselves;What happens after I die, I can only keep myself alive for so long, What is my fate when I "die". Since we dont know what happens to us when we die then then the only thing we can do is assume. If you dont know something you guess or assume, that is what we do. So how could we guess what happens to us when we die. You cant just make up something that doesnt make sense. It has to fit with the fact you were alive. The connection has to be made. Life and death. Every major religion on this planet "makes sense". It explains everything. Purpose is given. If we were here for a reason then that would be the ultimate connection with life and death. Now we can explain our existence and no longer fear end to the very thing you are in nature to life. Oh wait! now just because you have reason for your existence doesnt mean you have reason for death...why do we die...just because we're put here...why do we leave...why does our purpose serve only temporarily.

...Well if we as mortals were to end...then we end...what would be the reason of coming back if we had no point being here in the first place...well since we were here for a reason and we serve our "purpose" then we dont need to come back again into our same reality or level of being. You serve or do..then it is done. It is simpler to think that something is done...then it isn't done again.

Now we explained exist for a reason and when your die,end. So what happens next,since the only reason we are concerned or even could think of fathom the idea of another realm of being is that we are forced to leave the realm we're in. We stop "being" in the aspect we know of. So if we we're to continue being at all then we would have to live in a diffrent realm of reality. A different level of "being". So the connection of life and the meaning of it in contrast to death and what happens needs to connect. It is simpler that way and based on how human think then that's what needs to happen.

religion is born...people are now put here for a reason and when we die we still "live". Everybody wins. Now of course it leaves a very wide door open for the individual person but for overall human curiosity and fear it works.

If we are here for a reason then who put us the questions you can think of... nothing that is equal to us could possible produce has to be something more....for ages man has looked onto the night and wondered why....what makes sense...

God makes sense

a figure...usually in the form of a man...who is all powerful created everything...

there is no other....

just try to fathom how many people have walked this earth...during that time and that many people were here with different points of views and ideas and thoughts running through their head.

so many reasons and possibilities for why we are here and what happens to us when we is a survival technique...

like I had stated before if we had no reason being here and spiritual connection then nothing would separate us from the other animals... and our advance brains cant handle that....

human mentality lead us to religion...enough said
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