howarddygo (howarddygo) wrote in theism,

Is a balance possible?

Hi! This is basically a Christian entry on theism, but it can apply a bit to other forms of theism.

One of the questions I often grapple with is the balance between following a certain code of ethics and the power of faith and forgiveness. Basically, a big chunk of Christianity says that forgiveness is the key as no one is good enough to claim they deserve redemption. So, eventually, the question will be raised, does being ethical even matter? Again, eventually, connected to this is another question: can one remain unethical if one truly accepts and believes in forgiveness? Does an ethics of love come out from accepting forgiveness in its fullest and unconditional sense?

There are a lot of other items that should be discussed here, but it would take up too much space. But I'm wondering how God, again I am coming from a Christian interpretation of God, might decide.

I am also wondering if this entry should be here or somewhere else. Then I am reminded that whatever we say, we speak of God. So, what the heck. Let's take a gamble here.
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